Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Tie Breaker

The baby didn't show the goods last month, and my OB is very graciously letting me come back in tomorrow for attempt #2.

Doctors orders:  Eat doughnuts/cinnamon rolls beforehand to jump start the baby's activities.  As s/he slept through the last one.

Remember this post?  About finding a fat OB?  It's paid off in dividends.  Cinnamon rolls for breakfast?  OK doc!  Whatever you say!  Maybe I'll take his advice all week.  And maybe he really just said to have orange juice and I translated that to cinnamon rolls.  I knew what he meant.


the husband and kids aren't coming with me tomorrow morning, so we're doing that trendy cake reveal thing (where you cut open the cake and surprise!  It's pink or blue inside).  I just placed the order, and asked Austin if he'd be really sad if the middle was pink.  He said, "Well if it's pink than I'll just love the cake more than the baby."

Austin - considering I'm like 25 weeks and STILL puking, I love cake more than babies, too.

It's still brilliant.  This cake now works as a consolation prize to the kid that doesn't get the baby brother or sister they've been hoping for.  Either way I win.  Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, cake for dinner, and a baby in a few short months.  :)



Betsy said...

You crack me up. Good luck tomorrow.

Misty said...

You make me laugh. I hope the baby is more cooperative this time around! Enjoy your cinnamon rolls!

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