Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two and a Half Hours

Austin started preschool yesterday, that gave me exactly 2.5 hours to myself.  Well, by the time I got both kids to school (the bus forgot to pick up Ashlyn) it was down to 2 hours.

Ten minutes of attempting a sweet first day of preschool picture and this is what I ended up with.  Still sweet, and completely captures all that is Austin.  I wish the best of luck to his teachers.  I will consider the year a success if he can keep his shoes on the entire time.

Lunch.  Absolutely worth mentioning.  How have I managed to survive so long without a Noodles & Company close by?  And on the way to lunch, I listened to my music way too loud and didn't once turn on Dancing Queen.  

Went shopping.  I even tried on the clothes I planned on buying.  Dear moms of little kids, there will come a day when you can, too.  Have faith.
Then I bought more than I planned on, but the kids' wouldn't have kept me from doing that.  Rust maybe.  Rust definitely.

Including this:

No, I don't know that I'm having a girl.  But when you can buy a brand new Baby Gap bedding set for $20, you just do it.  Even when you're not pregnant.  It's a great investment.  And yes, I said that for my husband's sake.  He doesn't understand why I call purchases like these "investments", but he still calls the house we bought in 2008 an investment.  So obviously our definition of "investment" is very loose.

Home to paint and watch a trashy TV show.  Not that I even wanted to watch it.  I just did because I could.

Then I ran out of things to do.

Haha, just kidding about that.

I actually ran out of time and had to run pick up Austin, I was 10 minutes early which gave me plenty of time to try to hack into the baptist preschool's wifi on my ipod.  I tried God and Jesus, and Hinckley.  I figured Hinckley wouldn't work, but I don't know much about the Baptist religion.  I did try bible thumper, but that didn't work either.  So off to learn more about the baptists, and I've got an entire year to break into the wifi.  I'll keep you updated on that.  If you have suggestions I'll gladly hear them, try them, and if you're right maybe you'll win the Gap Baby set.  But only if I have a boy.  And if Ashlyn lets me give it away.

Can't wait for tomorrow!



My mobs mom said...

haha! love it! I had almost 2 hours of me time today too... unfortunately I spent it sorting out a challenge for the volunteer organization I chair.. sigh, maybe tomorrow I can watch trashy tv. :D

jon said...

How about "damnation"? I think baptists are generally apt to point out the reasons that others will be going to hell. Maybe they'd make their password something like "thief" or "hellfire" to give the perpetrator pause as they're trying to hack in.

Dawn said...

You make me laugh. Loved the photos of Austin. He is looking so cute and so grown up. I went shopping today too, but before I took Sicily to kindergarten, so I still had 2 kids. At least I don't have to drive an hour and a half to get to the Gap in Spokane Valley. Most of what I bought was for me too. No guilt or at least the guilt was gone after I mowed the lawn and surprised McRay. Those lawn guys get $50 a lawn so I just called it a wash. Are you buying maternity clothes now or on sale skinny clothes for after? I didn't see that great bedding sale at my Gap. Because I left a comment, does that mean I'm entered in the drawing?

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