Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Cake!

Since no one here had heard of a gender reveal cake, I was sure somewhere along the line someone would drop the ball.  But the ladies at Kroger kept it a secret and I managed not to peek at the ultrasound pictures all day long.

We let the kids slice the cake.

I thought Austin would be happier than he was, but he is convinced we're having a girl and that the girl just really likes the color blue.



Rob, Crystal and Asher Hinman said...

Congrat's Brit!

Candi said...

Congratulations! I would have said that for pink frosting too...but ya know...I love the gender reveal cake....I bet the ladies at Kroger loved being in on it.

Andrea Patton said...

never heard of this idea but I L0VE IT!

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