Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New tenants

We found some new tenants (the last ones had to go after they didn't pay rent for a few months and then moved out without telling us), so yeah, they're gone. Take that.

I hope it works out. I have a good feeling about her. We met up and we were wearing the same shoes. That's always a good sign of good financial relations.

Her daughter is going to hang up some Justin Bieber posters in Ashlyn's old room. Having your house desecrated by Bieber is a small price to pay for a rent check each month.


Jen said...

I sure hope it works out for you! Poor walls though.

Lauren said...

For the record...I only know who Justin Bieber is because I taught 10 year old girls last year. They didn't pay me enough for that so hopefully rent will be worth it :)

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