Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things of Note

Remember Byalch?  The potential employer from about a year and a half ago?  No?  Let me refresh your memory.  

Byalch had the unfortunate coincidence of having a name that started with "B" and a last name that ended with "Yalch", which resulted in the email address: byalch AT Rusty's employer DOT com.  Needless to say, it made for wonderful blog fodder. 

Too bad her named turned out to be more prophetic than humorous.

So Rusty needs a new job.  We're looking, but there's nothing in Boise.  I give us about an 85% chance that we won't be here in two months, 98% chance we won't be here in 4 months.  

The stress of moving and job hunting resulted in two glorious cheesecakes.  One of which I shared, the other one I consumed entirely by myself.  In my gluttony, I did not lose 10 pounds this month.   

Austin started to walk.  It's not his preferred mode of transportation yet.  But he can do it.

Ashlyn can write her name by herself.  

And lastly, my sister came to visit and I finally got to meet my niece!  You can always tell when someone from my side comes to visit because my repertoire of mormon paraphernalia increases exponentially.  


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Averi Riann

My sister is here visiting.  I finally got to meet my little niece!  (And do the required pictures, of course!)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


That's texting code for "Sorry So Lame".  My blog has been the least of my priorities lately.  So to make it up to my faithful readers, here are links to free food.  Because everything is better with free food.

And now I feel like I can neglect my blog for at least another week...Photobucket

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Decoding a Text

You know when you're texting, and sometimes the word you're typing in comes up as a different word and you have to scroll through the options to find the one you want?

Well, sometimes I forget to scroll.

So yesterday, when I sent my little sister a text saying,

Happy Birthday Tiff! Eat lots of bras!

I meant to say, "Happy Birthday Tiff! Eat lots of crap!"
So Happy Birthday to my favorite sister of all!Photobucket

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet Boy

What I didn't capture on film was what happened about 30 seconds later.  The baby wouldn't stop crying (yeah, we actually bought a baby that cries!), so Austin picked her up, shook her and then threw her about 4 feet away.

Yeah, I know the feeling Austin.

Monday, February 16, 2009


At any given time, there is either a facebook status update or a new blog post by one of my friends about how great this movie is. So Rusty and I went and watched it for Valentines Day. Good movie, but I found it completely counterintuitive that both Rusty and I

wanted that chic to die!!

We didn't really understand that because I'm sure that's not the feeling the writer/producer/director had in mind while making the film.

I was willing to just let it go, but Rusty did some investigation. Turns out, the actress that played Kim was the obnoxious chic from Lost! Remember Shannon from Season 1? Yeah, so that's why.

So anyways, if you're like me and really enjoyed watching Shannon die. You can watch it again right here:

On another note, do you think Jorge reads my blog?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just an Internet Security Issue

So I have a favor to ask.  Anyone that has my blog linked, can you please take off my last name?  I would advise you all to do the same for yourselves.  Go to 123People and look up your name and it's amazing the stuff that you can find on yourselves, and scary the kinds of things that other people can find on you.

And while nothing new has happened, I did have an experience a little while ago that proved to me that people aren't necessarily who they say they are.  You should also go to stacounter and set up an account to track visitors.  I don't know 75% of the people that frequent my blog, and just realizing how many people are on my blog every day, makes me much more cautious of the things that I post. 

I never post the town that I live in (I know everyone thinks I live in Boise), I don't mention the ward I'm in or the places around town that I visit.  I just don't want any creepy stalkers to find me.  :)


Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Thought of the Day

"I wonder if I hang Austin's pacifiers from the ceiling, if he'd start walking?  Or at least stand for more than 2 seconds..."
It didn't work.  And I know what you're thinking now.  I had the same thought.

But no, cookies didn't work either.

At least he's resourceful!

And trying something else...

Hurry Austin!  Time is running out!

He doesn't walk, but he sure is brilliant.

I think it's a mark of a genius.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Have Good News and Bad News...

Good news: We are about to get a humongous check from Uncle Sam.

Bad news: it comes at a heavy price.
What should I do with my money? I promise to spend it more wisely than the politicians did.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby #3

Oh that was mean.  Now everyone is going to see my blog feed header and think I'm pregnant.  

Does that give you more insight into the kind of person I am because I find that rather amusing?

OK, so there is a purpose to this post other than me laughing at you all.  So maybe I'm a little baby hungry and was contemplating having a third child.  Maybe.  But a third child is a much bigger step than a second.  First off, we'd need better health insurance.  Secondly, we'd need a bigger car.  Thirdly, I'd have to find a husband that's onboard with the idea.  Fourthly, I'd have to quit my job.  Fifthly, I'd have to grow another arm.  Sixthly, I'd have to talk myself into gaining another 60 lbs while throwing up for 8 months...

That's a lot of work.

Oh, but a baby...


Monday, February 2, 2009

One Month Down...

I did it!  I've gone an entire month without eating a single piece of candy, chocolate, brownie, piece of cheese cake, etc. etc.  Although I'll admit that I ate a pop tart once.  I didn't even think about it, after I ate it, I realized it probably has 3x the amount of sugar in it than a brownie.  Oops.

I didn't know how long I'd do this for.  Certainly not an entire year.  Maybe just for the month?  Maybe until Valentine's Day??  But nope, I've decided I'm going to do it until I get to my "ideal weight".  Who knows how long that'll take.  Hopefully not longer than the year (but probably just a couple of more months at the most!)  

What I've learned:  Half the crap I eat is just not necessary.  I find myself opening the pantry a couple of hundred times a day and getting a couple of chocolate chips.  That adds up to 146,000 chocolate chips every year, and I don't even like chocolate chips.

I also learned that you can wash your hand off if you get frosting/ cookie dough/ brownie batter on your fingers.  It doesn't require any sort of licking.  Who knew?  

What I've lost?  Ten pounds.  It was really easy.  
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