Saturday, February 21, 2009

Decoding a Text

You know when you're texting, and sometimes the word you're typing in comes up as a different word and you have to scroll through the options to find the one you want?

Well, sometimes I forget to scroll.

So yesterday, when I sent my little sister a text saying,

Happy Birthday Tiff! Eat lots of bras!

I meant to say, "Happy Birthday Tiff! Eat lots of crap!"
So Happy Birthday to my favorite sister of all!Photobucket


Cole said...

I'm thinking bras could be yummy....remembering "Varisity Blues" from backin the day. But is her guy willing to get all dolled up like that?

Amy said...

When I announced Colby's name to my mom via text, it came out Colaz. She texted me accusing me of emotionally scarring my son for life. I was very confused to say the least.

We're naming our next Dumaz.

Amanda said...

You are so at Girl's Camp there. HAHA! Nice first aid markings. HAHAHAHA!

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