Monday, February 16, 2009


At any given time, there is either a facebook status update or a new blog post by one of my friends about how great this movie is. So Rusty and I went and watched it for Valentines Day. Good movie, but I found it completely counterintuitive that both Rusty and I

wanted that chic to die!!

We didn't really understand that because I'm sure that's not the feeling the writer/producer/director had in mind while making the film.

I was willing to just let it go, but Rusty did some investigation. Turns out, the actress that played Kim was the obnoxious chic from Lost! Remember Shannon from Season 1? Yeah, so that's why.

So anyways, if you're like me and really enjoyed watching Shannon die. You can watch it again right here:

On another note, do you think Jorge reads my blog?


Jon and Becky said...

Great, thanks. So I guess she doesn't die in the movie.

Brits said...

I was very careful to not say whether or not she died in the film. I only said we wanted her to die and enjoy watching her die. You have to go watch it to find out!

GRaSSE said...

thanks for the connection...I hadn't put two and two together. I definitely was ready for the movie to be over halfway through. Too much for me. I'm a sissy.

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