Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Bloggin...

I'm back from my bloggin hiatus. I've been toying with the look of my blog, and I'm still not quite satisfied with it, but I needed a break.

So here are two things that happened this week.
We said goodbye to Nanee and Papa. They're off to China for a year to teach English and they had an hour layover in Boise, so we dropped in to say goodbye.

I developed a fear of small aircraft. Yes, that is an airplane. It doesn't look very big and it looks far away, but when it was right outside my window I was grabbing the kids (and not my camera) and getting out of the house. I thought he was going to crash into it. He spent about an hour swooping in over our neighborhood. There are undeveloped lots a few blocks down from me and he was flying about 10 feet over those. Crazy drunken pilot. Now whenever I hear a plane I run outside to see if it's the crazy yellow one.

And no, he wasn't doing any crop dusting.


Misty said...

we missed their open house here. they were a huge asset to the ward and they'll be missed!

and hopefully that plane will stay away!

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