Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Improvement

Our house is in need of some personality and the kids were in need of some entertainment. Anyways, Rusty designed and built this playground from scratch! To say I was totally impressed would be an understatement. He did a great job and the kids LOVE it!

He designed it after those playground kits you can buy. We considered buying one of those, but they're way too big and way too expensive.

And we also did some painting. I need to go back and fix the edges, but I'm waiting to decide if I want to do the rest of his walls in a light green or keep them white.
Ashlyn was jealous of Austin's name. So last night, as soon as she fell asleep, I painted her name. I didn't want to spend anymore money on those ridiculously expensive wooden letters, so I just painted it on. It'll go nicely with her fairy tale themed room.


Misty said...

i'm very impressed by your (and Rusty's) craftiness. Did he do the whole thing witha saw like that?

Alanna said...

Your husband did a gret job with the playground and the rooms look cute. I also like the look of your blog!

Meg said...

Good job on the name painting. Better job on painting it ABOVE HER HEAD while she's sleeping!!! I can't even breath in the same room as Tru when he's sleeping!

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