Thursday, July 24, 2008

In Honor of Pioneer Day

I thought I would quote my friend Candi:

"...Brigham Young did not say 'This is the place', he actually said, 'Pick up the pace'. Just think, another month of travelling and they would have been in Western Washington..."

Newsflash Utahns! If you can climb it in an afternoon and there's not snow on it year round, it's a HILL people!!! A HILL!!!


Kate said...

Ouch. I have been humbled.

Misty said...


Heather H said...

I totally agree!! One of Rob's and my ongoing fights is about the hills here, mountains have snow all year long! Thanks for agreeing with me! :)

Misty said... you know the person that does the "Seriously so blessed" blog?

Candi said...

Two great minds think alike.

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