Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mom of Three

Everyone says that going from 2 to 3 kids is the hardest step.  Maybe because the parents are outnumbered now?  *Insert zone defense joke here.

Actually, we haven't found ourselves outnumbered yet.  See diagram below:
See?  Not so hard when you have electronic devices on your side.

Regardless, it's actually been a much easier transition than I thought.  I think the secret is that neither myself nor my husband have any kind of expectations of me.  Dinner?  If it happens, that's just a bonus.  Clean toilets?  Again, just a bonus.  I don't actually try to get anything accomplished.  Also, don't stop by my house unannounced to use my bathroom.

Here are the highlights of the last 2 months with little Eli.

Biggest Dilemma: 

Decorating.  I have no idea how to incorporate Eli.  For now, I'm just ignoring the problem.  But I feel like it's only a matter of time before he notices...

I think my sister-in-law was on to something when she bought 14 matching frames, just in case.

Biggest Fail:  
At Kroger.  The kids were pushing Eli around in one cart (yes, we refer to "the kids" and Eli as separate entities, I can only assume he won't be one of our "kids" until he starts sleeping through the night) and I was pushing the groceries around in another.  We stopped and both kids stepped up on to the bar so their feet were no longer on the floor.  *Note - The kids are heavier than the cart and its contents.  *Another note - this one is mostly a reminder that the contents were Eli.

The carts flips.

I turn around just in time to see both Ashlyn and Austin underneath the cart with a car seat flipped over on top of them.

The couple behind us gave me a look that had parenting fail written all over them, the last time I saw a look like that I had Ashlyn on a leash.  Just you wait childless couple.  Your turn is coming.  And I will be there spouting judgment with my eye daggers.  

Biggest Miracle:  
"The kids" weren't hurt and didn't even cry.  Eli never even woke up from his nap.

Biggest Break Down:  
That night that I finally got to go back to zumba (Eli was 9 days old at this point), and I got to the Y just as the power went out and everyone started leaving.

I sobbed.  And I felt really really stupid for crying, but when I'm tired I am subject to human emotions.

Most amount of sleep in one time:
Five hours and 47 minutes

Longest crying spree:
I don't actually have this one down to the minute, but the kid definitely has a set of lungs and he'll use them for hours at a time if he feels like it.

Time it took me to write this blog post:
Like three weeks.  Or something ridiculous like that.

Cutest baby in the world: 

But that's only because he's asleep.



autumn said...

We have those same exact jammies. (Have you noticed that parenthood requires you to use the most ridiculous words?) You'll understand if I disagree that he's the world's cutEST baby but he is dang cute!

Rustin said...

Since you had just mentioned that you had sobbed when Zumba was cancelled, I am glad to know that "The longest crying spree" was about Eli crying and not you.

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