Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things We Actually Do

Because it's probably time to show more pictures of my kids or something like that.

I've decided that Kentucky is a lot like Boise. But greener and hillier. But still way too many people.

But I think that's the Sandpoint in me talking. See?

Living there taught me that it's better not to have neighbors (even if they own hot tubs). You want to know how I know? Because ours recently hid drugs in our basement and we had to call the police at like 1 AM. <---- True story.

And this is the least ghetto place we've ever live. Proof.

See that? You can tell it's upper middle class because all our neighbors have the exact same tree, planted in the exact same spot in their front yards.

We have the nicest mailbox though (take that Joneses).

Except for the three huge bumblebees that guard our mailbox now. I bet my neighbors love watching me get the mail. It's like a whole pounce and attack dance I do every day.

We went on a date the other day. Our first since our cruise. And by "date" I mean we went to McDonalds for ice cream and made our children sit all the way across the restaurant from us.

Then thankfully our friends (what we have friends now? I know, it's kind of nice) took pity on us and we went on a real date. That's Cincinnati behind us, and that is the Ohio river. I never realized it was like a huge mud puddle before.



Candice said...

Brits, I really miss being closer to you and seeing you more often because I'm missing out on so much wisdom! Thanks so much for helping me figure out how to fit more dates into our lives! LOVE the way you think!

Bumblebees is the 1st thing that came to my mind when I saw your beautiful mailbox. Happy Dancing!

Rachel said...

Could you expound a little more on the drugs-in-the-basement story? It sounds exciting.

Dawn said...

Bri, We are missing Sandpoint too. Luckily we have great neighbors who had a welcome fruit basket waiting and breakfast in the frig when we moved in. No drugs! Crazy story!!! From your photos I would say your weather looks warmer too. Your twins are as cute as ever. Sicily just the other day mentioned how she wished we hadn't moved because she missed Ashlyn. I had to remind her that Ashlyn wasn't there anymore either.

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