Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Super Powers

I have super powers.  I cut out paper snowflakes better than anyone I know.

I know you're reading when you should be working.  So go ahead Mike...I dare you to leave a comment complaining about how I made you hang up 150 snowflakes at my wedding reception.  :) 

I know I once said that I magically reconnected my broken toe nail, but that was really just a nail polish trick.  The only other super power I have is that I know the ending of movies.  Rusty thinks I secretly watch them before we get a chance to watch it together, because I'm always right.

M. Night Shyamalan has nothing on me.

So what's your super power?


Anonymous said...

Ok Brit, you win. That was insane to make us hang up thousands of snowflakes for your wedding. How am I ever going to get any work done with you posting so often.

Heather H said...

That is a beautiful snowflake!

GRaSSE said...

Whenever I see a snowflake I will forever think of your reception.

my superpower? that's easy. I can watch my children while simaltaniously catching some zzz's on the couch, all at the same time. whatever they trashed during that time...isn't my fault.

Rustin said...

I have a super power. I have the power to watch C-SPAN without falling asleep. It is a mighty power that most mortals do not possess. An accessory to this mighty power is my ability to enjoy what I am watching. Sometimes I even wear a cape.

Kate said...

I have the same super power as Grasse. I can watch my kids while snoozing. One eye open and one ear open at all times.

I can also have my own conversation and follow a separate conversation that is happening nearby. Hair stylist skill/super power. I'm a champion eavesdropper.

Jon & Becky said...

I have two. My first superpower is to find things to criticize in others. For instance, your snowflake has 8 points. The geometry of water molecules doesn't allow for that. My second power is the ability to make sweaters out of my armpit hair. Unfortunately, the sweaters only cover my armpits...so far.

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