Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

How old are you Ashlyn?

Last year, her birthday fell on Thanksgiving day. So we flew to Maui and ate turkey sandwches on the beach. This year, she had to settle for a birthday party with the cousins AND snow. We love being close to family, but we miss being close to the equator.

Lay off the pizza Rachel!
Austin wanted cake.
Yes, I gave in.
She was feeding her new baby a bottle while trying to blow out her candles.



GRaSSE said...


That is sooooo funny with her trying to blow out the candles. She is going to be a GREAT mom, multitasking at it's best!!! :)

larenea said...

how about next year Ashlyn takes her cousins (and Aunt/Uncle) to Hawaii for her 4th bday? it's a win-win.
can you send me that Rachel pic? (without your name stamped across it)
thanks for the fun night!

Linda Terry said...

i missed the party! amd the snow. and the cake. and the cousins. and giving ashlyn one of her first baby dolls. forget hawaii. next time come to china.

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