Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome rocks my world

Download it here!

I know you probably have some questions.  So let me try and answer.

What?  Google just launched a new browser.

Huh?  You may still be asking.  But that probably means you're over 50 and you should stick with Internet Explorer.

Why?  Well, it's because those google boys do everything better than anyone else.  



Betsy said...

Alright... I love those google boys also so I just downloaded it. I haven't used it yet though so I must ask... what makes it better?

Brits said...

The tabs are at the top where they should be. My favorite part is that the address part doubles as a search engine. Favoriting things is easier, too. Don't you love how the internet has opened up a whole new world of made up verbs?

Ryan said...

I'm kind of a browser collector ... I have way too many that I use. I still think that my favorite in Safari, but G-Chrome is pretty nice

Ryan said...

I meant to say *is* ... not *in*

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