Monday, July 21, 2008

The Kids

The challenge: Getting Austin to sit still long enough for Ashlyn to smile. A task virtually impossible and something that I failed miserably at.

Ashyn: 2 years 8 months
Favorite things to do: Dress up in pretty dresses and dance to the Little Mermaid soundtrack.
Favorite foods: Hot dogs, cheese, and soda pop (she asks for it all the time, but never gets it).
Sleeping schedule: 8PM to 9:30AM
Personality: She's such a sweet little girl. I first noticed this when I was pregnant with Ausitn. I was laying on the floor and she kept bringing me pillows for my head. She's just like that with everytthing. She's also very obedient. If she knows that she's in trouble she'll put herself in timeout.

Austin: 10 months
Favorite Things to Do: Turn off my computer (he's fascinated with the red and blue lights and turns them off multiple times a day). He also loves to go outside. Whenever he sees a door open he races to it and if it shuts before he gets to go outside, he cries the most pitiful cry you'll ever hear.
Favorite foods: Cheese, grapes and Baby mum mums.
Sleeping schedule: 9PM to 8:30AM
Personality: I can barely get him to eat his bottle because he's too busy looking around. This kid wants to explore and taste everything. Lately, I've had to put him in his crib with the lights off just to get him to eat. Otherwise, he'd take a few drinks and then toss it aside when he sees something interesting. And while he crawls after it he's crying because he's so hungry.
Sibling relationship: Whenever Austin gets within two feet of Ashlyn she yells, "HE'S GOING TO EAT ME!!" And takes off running. She's absolutely right, too, he totally will.


Misty said...

so fun. those are cute pictures.

i also like the painting you have started!

Betsy said...

Very nice pictures. It is fun getting updates on them. The sibling relationship part is hilarious.

Amy Rae said...

Such cute "babies"- they look like they could be in pottery barn kids mags. Nice job :)

Heather H said...

They are just too cute!! And lucky you that they sleep in.

Sam and Jamie said...

They are adorable! Very cute kids! I am very jealous that they sleep in that late!

Alanna said...

your kids are adorable! It sounds like you are getting settled in your new place. If I ever drive through boise I'll be sure to let you know so we can catch up.

Kate said...

That last thing is hysterical! What a cool post. Don't hate me if I copy one day. But I'll use pictures of my own kids and I won't steal these ones of yours.

Cole said...

Baby mum mums? I'll have to try those, they sound very tempting...

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