Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This makes me empathize with women who actually breastfeed their kids.

Austin can hold his own bottle now!!! YIPPEEE!!

And because I'm taking a picture of Austin, of course Ashlyn has to have a picture of her doing the same thing. It's just the nature of siblings.


Brittney said...

Madelyn is starting to do that but I don't think she realizes that she's actually holding it. I'm so excited for that day ;)
Give yourself a treat for his accomplishment!

Misty said...

It is very nice! Tyler started doing it really young, so I would leave him. Then...he wouldn't let me hold him while he was eating. So now, I've found a balance. He'll let me if I want, but does it fine on his own too!

The Gollihurs said...

Our next baby is going to be bottle-fed!!

Blah Blah Blog said...

hey, we got one of those rocket cups from Denny's while we were on our long road trip. my kids love them. i'm always impressed that ashlyn has bows in her hair so much. everybody is surprised when I tell them I will put bows in my kid's hair. just because i'm not girly doesn't mean my kid can't be.

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