Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Family Update

I refuse to apologize for not blogging in forever, it's just not cool anymore.  Not that as a 32-year-old I care about cool anyways, because these days cool means overalls.  And that was so 1994.

Besides...I figure since we're already friends on facebook then you just get my updates there, but now that you can hide people, I've probably hidden you for sharing videos about your underwear, and you've probably hidden me because I love gay people.  So then I figured I should maybe give people an update on our lives over the last 13 months, because the last time I blogged we were still designing the floor plan to our house and now we already live in it and I've had to clean it so.many.times already

So here I am.

Ashlyn's sweet and she's crazy, and so giggly.  She loves the scary roller coasters and would do every dance class, every musical instrument and every other thing that makes me drive around and sit in places that don't have wifi or cell service nightly, which is surprisingly a lot considering what year it is. 

I love watching her grow up. 

Austin has been in a serious relationship for a year now (true story).  So if you want to engage him in conversation, just bring up her, Minecraft or candy, and he'll talk to you.  He was the first student of the month for his class this year, and I'm so relieved we don't have to relive SOTM drama every month, all year, like in Kindergarten.

I marvel at his mind and how quick witted he is.

Two-year-olds are the hardest, but funnest.  Eli's at that age where everything he says is adorable.  Like when we were walking to school and I pointed to the "helicopter" and he said, "HELLO copter!"  And now he yells, "HELLO COPTER" to every one we see.  And sometimes on one of our five walks a day (we get bored at home), his legs will get tired and he wants me to carry him, but sometimes he doesn't like to be carried on my shoulders and will specify, "Hold me like a hug!"

And his hair is crazy, and I only cut it when he starts to get too many comments on his crazy bed head and not enough comments about his big, beautiful blue eyes.  And every night I sneak into his room and kiss his fat cheeks.  I hope I do that until he's at least 30.

My favorite part of the day is walking these kids to school.  And we're close enough to the river that sometimes we're shrouded in fog.  And I appreciate those small moments when we're wrapped up in our own little world, singing and skipping to school, because I know these years won't last forever.

And also I've been going to church.  Which is kind of something that I never thought I would do again.  But the chapel smells like my grandma, and makes me feel a little less homesick for family.  And as much as I've picked over the Lutheran beliefs and practices, there's nothing there that offends my soul.  In fact, quite the opposite.

Life is good.


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