Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School and Other Things

I know out west everyone is starting school over the next several weeks, but we've been back for a little bit now.  I had one final end of summer bucket list rally where I unpacked my last box and canned jam.

My kids hated the jam (eye roll) and refused to eat toast every morning which is unfortunate because that's all we ever have time for, so I took an old, empty bottle of Kroger raspberry jam (that they devour) and filled it with a jar of the stuff I made.  I was pretty smug as I watched them spread it on their toast.

But they still hated my jam.  So there went my smug moment.

So then school started two weeks ago.  And Eli must have been super excited or something because he woke up at 3am and would not go back to sleep.  And I'm normally a huge fan of ignoring crying babies at 3am, but he was in body-shaking-almost-vomiting hysterics (as some of you were after the Bachelorette this season, am I right?*).  I tried changing his diaper, feeding him, sleeping on his floor, but what eventually worked was turning on America's Funniest Videos and then finally freeing him from his room at 6:30 am to very happy shouts of "Morning?! Morning?!"  And then I just followed him around while he played with the dining room lighting and jammed out on the piano:

But by 10am...

But nap time has to coincide with afternoon Kindergarten or mommy's going to lose her ever loving mind.

And you know what's awesome?  He naps every afternoon while Austin and Ashlyn are at school and I'm so happy and it's so quiet that I'm near tears and I dance a lot in my kitchen because I can sweep and there's no one there to make a mess for like 3 whole hours.  Just kidding.  I barely sweep.  I watch trashy TV all afternoon.  

So then there was the Color Run and my friends and I were made famous when this happened:

Warming up a crowd of thousands on stage was far more of a workout than the run because I ran a 7-year-old pace.  But she rocked it.

And we finally picked out a lot and a house where we will live forever!**  It's perfectly situated within walking distance to the elementary school, at the end of a cul de sac that butts up to a future park, and is across the street from the neighborhood pool.  It's just sadly lacking a lot of trees, but is right between two wooded common areas.

And the builder was nice enough to let us completely customize our floor plan, which was just finalized today.  
So I guess that's it for another 6 months until I get around to blogging again.

*There are not enough drugs in the world to get me to watch that show, so I have no idea what I'm even talking about.

**I hesitate to say that, because every time I have we've moved within 6 months.



Ginger said...

I love this post so much!

Heather said...

I love that your house has the laundry room upstairs because why the heck do they always try to put the darn thing so far away from the bedrooms!

Brittany Terry said...

No kidding! Ours right now is in the basement and the bedrooms are all on the top floor. That's a lot of stairs!

Deanna said...

That is quite a floor plan. I too like the Laundry upstairs. Does each kid get there own room, or will one be for creative endeavours? I must admit I am a bit jealous of the two car garage. Will you actually park cars there, or will it become a man cave?

Brittany Terry said...

Each kid will eventually have his/her own room. The boys will share a bathroom and Ash will have her own (lucky girl, huh?) They all like sharing a room now, so I don't know if they'll submit to different rooms at this point. There's also a big unfinished basement - so while I don't need a room for creative endeavors, I'll eventually want one for an air hockey table. But that's the ten year plan.

kate n. said...

I'm really hoping David has afternoon kindergarten so it will coincide with Gabe's nap too. But it looks like it will be morning kindergarten. However, nothing is certain until after the 1st week of school when they finally change everything around. So I'm still crossing my fingers.

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