Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mom Self Esteem

You know how sometimes as a mom you kind of feel like you're not good enough?  You get on pinterest and there's all these super organized color coordinated children with their hair combed, and it makes you feel like you're failing?

Well, the other day at play group the topic of how little sleep I've gotten lately came up, as it naturally would after I've yawned 50+ times during a conversation with someone.

And then someone commented to me, "Oh.  So are you one of those moms that gets up with their babies at night?"

So thank you fellow mom for increasing my mom self esteem.



Candice said...

ha! Oh, you're one of those! I give my babies 4 weeks and then mommy gets no less than 5 hours no matter what! I'm probably one of the more selfish moms I know of!

The Patton's said...

wow i thought that all moms got up with their baby at night, cause we all know dad is not going to do it!

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