Friday, October 14, 2011

My Kids

I've been a little concerned about Austin lately.  He's reverted into a one-year-old, one that sucks his thumb (even though he never did) and one that can't get himself dressed.  

I'm just glad he still remembers how to use the bathroom, and I can usually convince him to do something for himself if I remind him that babies can't play Lego Batman.

And then there's Ashlyn...she has developed very strong feelings for the neighbor's cat.  

She looks a little too comfortable for my liking.  And happy.  And I normally like happy children.  But not this time.

When she wasn't looking, I tried to antagonize that thing so it would scratch her.  I only feel a little guilty.

She had been holding her (him really) for about an hour when Rust came home.  And much to her delight, he spoke these irreparable words:

Ashlyn we'll have to get you a kitty.

Me:  WHAT??!! (insert various expletives here - yes, not only do I swear on my blog, in my internal dialogue, but I also do it in front of my children - but only when my husband offers them animals, and not to eat).
Rust:  Well, she loves that cat.
Me:  Stop looking at her.  Instead look at all the hair that has accumulated on her dress.  And remember that cats live much longer than goldfish do.

I don't know for sure, but I think I bought us some more time.


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