Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Found My Shorts!

My favorite pair of shorts!  (Not really - they just happen to be the only pair that fits right now).  But I lost them 3 weeks ago, I have searched high and low.

So the good news is that I found them.

The bad news is that they are stuck between 3 floors of laundry chute.


Friday, October 14, 2011

My Religious Musings

I know about five of you that cringed when you read my blog title post today.  Good.  Cringe.  

I've been reading, following and participating in various arguments online regarding politics, Christianity and sexuality today.  I'm kind of tired of it.  I get why it's offensive as a Mormon to be called unchristian, but try to understand that for some people it's not just a matter of believing in Jesus Christ, that that's not enough to make someone a Christian.  Just like the FLDS aren't considered mormon just because they believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet.

But plastering Facebook and calling Robert Jeffress names (like stupid and uneducated) somehow makes you better than him?

I read the following today and I sadly agree with it:  There has been more hate spread, more violence and destruction done in the name of religion than by any other group...

That's tragic.  It puts a bad taste in my mouth towards religion.  All religion.

I think more importantly than how well you prescribe to your particular ambiguous moral code (because let's be honest, the same incredibly modest outfit I'm wearing right now would have banned me to hell 150 years ago), is how you treat other people.  Everyone needs to stop acting like they own God.

When Jesus walked the earth, did he condemn the adulteress? the homosexual?  the tank top wearers?  Nope.  So why do we?     

My Kids

I've been a little concerned about Austin lately.  He's reverted into a one-year-old, one that sucks his thumb (even though he never did) and one that can't get himself dressed.  

I'm just glad he still remembers how to use the bathroom, and I can usually convince him to do something for himself if I remind him that babies can't play Lego Batman.

And then there's Ashlyn...she has developed very strong feelings for the neighbor's cat.  

She looks a little too comfortable for my liking.  And happy.  And I normally like happy children.  But not this time.

When she wasn't looking, I tried to antagonize that thing so it would scratch her.  I only feel a little guilty.

She had been holding her (him really) for about an hour when Rust came home.  And much to her delight, he spoke these irreparable words:

Ashlyn we'll have to get you a kitty.

Me:  WHAT??!! (insert various expletives here - yes, not only do I swear on my blog, in my internal dialogue, but I also do it in front of my children - but only when my husband offers them animals, and not to eat).
Rust:  Well, she loves that cat.
Me:  Stop looking at her.  Instead look at all the hair that has accumulated on her dress.  And remember that cats live much longer than goldfish do.

I don't know for sure, but I think I bought us some more time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Austin turns 4!

Austin's birthday wish list:

He wanted a car.  One that he could ride in.  Like daddy's.

And then when we told him that wasn't going to happen for a long time, he started making up new XBox games, "like Legos, but where you can run faster...called Faster Than Earth!"

I love this kid.

Here's a few things about him:

He knows he can't potty talk at the table, but he also can't go a half an hour without mentioning the word "poop", so he gets up from the table in the middle of his story so he can say "poop" a foot away.  And then he'll rejoin us.

I love the funny things he says, when he climbed into the car today, he scrunched up his nose and said, "Ugh.  It smells like stop signs in here."  Just a note, I have never seen him smell a stop sign.

He constantly plays with his tongue.  It's always hanging out.  But that has always been the case.

He also burps.  A lot.  And as soon as he is done burping, he points to the closet person to him and says, "That was you!"

He is all boy.  And a very sweet boy, too.  When he got his four-year-old shots, he was very brave, but wanted me to hug him.  He buried his face in my neck and said, "Mommy just hug me, it hurts so bad."  Thankfully his next set isn't until he's eleven, and I doubt he'll have the same reaction.

He wasn't even a little disappointed on his birthday when he didn't get a new car or a freshly programmed XBox game.

Happy Birthday buddy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


We're testing our air mattresses for leaks before our camping trip this weekend.

So far so good.  

I stopped looking in mirrors last week, but if mine doesn't hold up tomorrow night, I'll assume that it means I'm bigger than our LoveSacs and I will not leave my house until January.
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