Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coming Out of the Closet... support of gay marriage.

It's easy to look at history and believe that if I had lived in such times that I would have been a defender of women's rights, or that I would have let a Jewish family hide in my basement, or marched with Martin Luther King, Jr.  But we're fighting a very different battle these days, and I have only silently cheered while the LGBT community get more and more rights.

I want to be on the correct side of history and I want to openly show my support now.  Not just for gay marriage, but for the total acceptance of people who are gay.  

Why now?  Well, I have a good friend that has recently come out of the closet.  He has not been well received.  His family has disowned him.  They don't want him around their children.  And what absolutely disgusts me is the lack of love and support he is getting when he needs it most, not so we can fix him, but so we can help him with this transition and so he knows that he is still loved and valued as an individual. The same person he has always been.  A person that you don't need to hide your children from.  A person that doesn't need to be fixed.  

So just know that I stand behind you, and anyone else going through a similar transition.  And the entire LGBT community.

Plus we all know I have a crush on Sue Sylvester.



Kate said...

Bravo! I simply can't understand people who are cowardly and small minded enough to disown their family members over this. I have stronger words but I'll try to keep it clean. Bastards. All of them. I'm so sorry for your friend. I wish him peace and freedom and love whoever he is.

Lindsey said...

I am sorry for your friend, that is just heartbreaking.
I stand with you!

Carol said...

I don't understand the shunning. Why would you ever do that to family or even a friend? A young woman in our stake (that we're really good friends with) hasn't ever been really active, but she's a great girl. She ended up getting pregnant and her family and LDS friends were SO rude to her!!! It made me so mad that I was in tears!! We totally backed her up and she knew that we would do anything for her. Who cares about the choices that other people make. Thy are THEIR choices. I may not support IT, but I support THEM. (My friend ended up losing the baby through a miscarriage. She NEEDED the support!!)

Jessica said...

I'm glad he has you as a friend. I hope he can find the resources and support he needs.

Caitlyn said...

YAY! Great Post. I am glad your friend has someone like you in his life. I totally agree with you, I want to be associated with the right side of history too. Everyone deserves to be loved and treated like an individual!

Alesha Evans said...

Yeah! Go Brit!!

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