Friday, July 22, 2011

I Blew Ashlyn's Mind

Ashlyn asked me the other day if I loved playing Angry Birds when I was a little girl as much as she and Austin love it now.

And I had to tell her that when I was her age that we didn't have computers and ipods and when I wanted to play Angry Birds, I had to go outside and pick up the birds and throw them at little piggies myself.  (True story).

So she mulled over that for a couple of days and then out of the blue she panickly (that's not a word, by the way) came to me and said, "If you didn't have computers when you were a little girl, how did your mommy check email??"  And I was like, "She didn't."

And she was all, "Well what did she do all day?"  And I could tell that her mind was blown.

And I do realize that this is more of a zoo picture and less of a "Ashlyn's mind has just been blown" photo, but I just love her green eyes.


Monday, July 18, 2011

The One About Puppies, and Rainbows and Unicorns

But not really because I hate puppies, unicorns aren't real, and rainbows aren't a safe topic.

We spent the weekend with my dad, his wife and my grandparents (and a whole bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins).  It was tremendously fun.  

Here's my dad with the kiddos.  The last time we went to the zoo, I ended up carrying both kids out.  $12 for a stroller rental was worth every penny.  They're also eating Dippin' Dots ice cream.  Uncle Dave bought it for them, I only had Dippin' Dots ice cream once growing up and it was because my Uncle Dave bought it for me.  I still think he's awesome.  He knows how to win the kids over!

Ashlyn's hair was a tangled mess.  She spent all morning curled up in the fetal position because I wouldn't let her wear her new tutu a second day in a row.

You'd think that little girl in the middle would be my kids' cousin.  But no, she's my cousin.  Growing up, I always complained about the cousins on my mom's side that were all as old as my mom.  I am glad I get to fulfill the roll of old cousin for this little girl.  

You take pictures like this because you're at the zoo!


And this is "Puppy".  Austin's BFF.  We do everything with Puppy.  As we were leaving my grandparents and making sure we had everything, I said, "As long as we have puppy, we can just buy anything else we forget."  

I tried to get Austin to change his name from Puppy.  And it kind of worked.  I suggested Brownie or Frank., but he didn't like either one.  So I suggested he think of something he really likes and name it after that.  So now that puppies name is "All the Candy in the World".  

And yes, we can buy anything to replace what we forget.  But when we forget Zofran and have to wait 12 hours before a pharmacy opens, it's a bad bad thing.


Womb Rage p.II

Remember how I warned you all that I had womb rage?  I wasn't kidding.  And when given the option between biting my tongue or calling someone a douche bag, I will always pick the latter.  Every. single. time.

So I promise my next post won't be so controversial.  Probably another one about puke.  Because that's what I wanted to do when my "eternal salvation" was questioned because of my support of gay people.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coming Out of the Closet... support of gay marriage.

It's easy to look at history and believe that if I had lived in such times that I would have been a defender of women's rights, or that I would have let a Jewish family hide in my basement, or marched with Martin Luther King, Jr.  But we're fighting a very different battle these days, and I have only silently cheered while the LGBT community get more and more rights.

I want to be on the correct side of history and I want to openly show my support now.  Not just for gay marriage, but for the total acceptance of people who are gay.  

Why now?  Well, I have a good friend that has recently come out of the closet.  He has not been well received.  His family has disowned him.  They don't want him around their children.  And what absolutely disgusts me is the lack of love and support he is getting when he needs it most, not so we can fix him, but so we can help him with this transition and so he knows that he is still loved and valued as an individual. The same person he has always been.  A person that you don't need to hide your children from.  A person that doesn't need to be fixed.  

So just know that I stand behind you, and anyone else going through a similar transition.  And the entire LGBT community.

Plus we all know I have a crush on Sue Sylvester.


Friday, July 8, 2011

My Favorite Puke Story

Because that's what my blog is about now, puke.  And in 6 or so months (It's my 3rd - so I don't even really know when I'm due, so whatever) it will be about poop again.  And then once our last (our LAST - are picking up on my subtle cues world and grandparents?) is potty trained then my blog will fade away into obscurity because I have no fresh bodily fluids to entertain you all with.

So anyways, I think I'll take this opportunity to talk about my favorite puke story.

I was pregnant with Ashlyn, so that kind of makes it an older story.  But the newer stories aren't my favorite yet because they're too fresh in my mind.  If I can remember that yesterday's Chipotle lunch stained my carpet, then it's not my favorite story yet.  

So I was working as a student manager at the BYU Hawaii cafeteria.  I remember stumbling into the office that morning (6AM to be exact) with a bowl of rice.  I sat on the floor.  It was 45 minutes later (yes, I was still sitting there - the joys of being in charge!) when I knew I was going to puke.  I looked around for a trash can.  There weren't any.  What the freaking heck?  This was my first pregnancy, and I hadn't yet learned the art of scoping (or carrying with me) a garbage can out anytime I entered a room.  I also didn't have an escape plan mapped out.  

Ah the folly of youth.  Here were my options. 

1.  Run to the closet garbage can.  But I knew I couldn't make it.  It was all the way across the dining room.  I figured I would make it halfway and throw up right in the middle of the 10 students (because only about 10 students are actually up and awake and eating breakfast at 6:45 in the morning), not very appetizing for anyone.

2. Run outside.  There were these emergency exits right next to the office, but when you press them, an alarm sounds, and then 30 seconds later the doors will open.  So even if I made it outside (which was doubtful) an alarm would be blasting and everyone would come running.  10 students + 25 cooks and dishwashers.  That was out.

3.  This was the option I went for.  My boss's hat.  It was sitting right there at his computer.  And just had the perfect shape to it.  Like a toilet bowl that doesn't splash back into your face.

Sorry boss.  I still feel a little bad about it all.  But now that I have a three-year-old son, I make him wear a hat everywhere we go.  You know, just in case.  

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