Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Two: A Picture of Someone You Used to be Close with...

That's weird. This is my blog, why would I ever write about someone else? Especially someone I don't even like anymore.

So instead I think I'll use this opportunity to introduce a new blog feature called: Suck on that Sandpoint.

See, Sandpoint is the town I used to live in. And well, the people there are phenomenal. However, they're also really cold. I mean really really cold because it's at the base of a ski resort and winter lasts about 10 months over there. So in a lame attempt to make myself feel better for not having friends anymore because I moved away, I'm going to brag about how warm and tan I am.

Suck on this Sandpoint.

And well, maybe I kind of want all my friends to move here.


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