Friday, April 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge

I know this has kind of been going around Facebook for awhile (and by that I mean I have one friend that is doing it), but I thought it might be a good thing to rejuvenate my blog. I mean, I'm always on the computer anyways, I might as well actually blog.

I'll try not to sacrifice quality for quantity. Also, these 30 days may not be all in a row. And I may change the topic on any given day. Enough caveats? Let's begin.

Day 1: A Picture of Yourself with 15 Facts

I'll be honest...I probably won't make it to 15. I may make it to 10, the other 5 will just have to be implied.

1. I don't like book clubs. I have a hard enough time trying to rate my books on shelfari, but to actually discuss the intricacies of the book is just beyond me. Don't get me wrong, I love reading, but I don't actually care to form an opinion about the book I just read. If I managed to finish the entire thing, then I guess it was good.

2. I always spell surprise wrong. I forget the first "r". (And yes, I corrected it after blogger underlined "suprise" for me.)"

3. I've driven passed my house more times than I care to admit since moving here a few weeks ago...sing with me "Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tack, little boxes all the same." We've moved a lot. In fact, about a year ago, someone was dropping something by my house and called to ask me what color my house was. I had lived there for about 3 months at that point and said, "I don't know. It's either blue or yellow, let me check."

4. I can't go to sleep before 10:30. The other night I was pretty tired, and it was only 10:12, but I thought, it's ok, I'm tired. I can do it. No, I woke up a few hours later. My body just thinks I'm napping unless I make it passed 10:30. Or maybe it could be 10:29, but 10:30 is just a nice round number, so I use that instead.

5. I don't like any part of being pregnant. I know I whine when I'm pregnant (like a lot), and people always say, "Oh you'll miss it when you're not pregnant any more." I know this because I haven't been pregnant in 3 1/2 years and there is not a single thing about it that I pine for. So in your face random stranger, I will direct you to this blog post when you tell me to stop whining the next time I'm pregnant.

6. When you die, your hair still grows for a couple of months. (The fact requirement didn't specify that it had to be about me.)

7. My biggest food weakness is jalapeno chips. Not the pansy Tims ones either, the really good and spicy kind. You can put a pan of crockpot brownies in front of me and I won't really care that much, but I could probably eat jalapeno chips constantly for the rest of my life. The spicier the better, I like to cry when I eat.

8. I don't like mormon culture at all. I have a hard time distinguishing between what is cultural and what is actual doctrine of the church. I think the line is often blurred. My religious status on facebook says: I don't like vinyl lettering. It's not that I have anything against vinyl lettering, I just don't want to be presumed as one of those ladies that sits at home all day and cuts up paper. And that's ok if that's what you do, I just prefer to waste my time in other various pursuits.

Yeah, that was definitely long enough.


kate n. said...

Hey Brit, you should join my book club. 4 of the 6 ladies didn't read the book this last time, so we talked about other stuff (politics included) and ate yummy food!
P.S. #6 will still apply to you someday. Although I don't think I really believe it.

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