Monday, March 21, 2011

The Confederate Flag

I've seen a few of these around since moving out here to the south.

In my head I think how it's akin to wearing a team Jacob shirt and I want to yell

Hello! You lost dude!

But whatever, if I want to make friends and fit in, maybe I shouldn't make fun of their flags.

And maybe I should lose a couple of my teeth.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Settling In

And by *settling in* I don't mean unpacking.

Our stuff and our car are still in transport. Our way of settling in is sitting on our living room floor wishing we were back in Sandpoint. But here we are...

So here's what we've been up to.

We went to our local Wal mart, I took a picture of this massive building (yes, both ends extend outside of this picture). I'm pretty sure the entire town of Sandpoint could fit inside. I spent about an hour in there, I was pretty lost.

I'm trying to become friends with the people next door. Do you see that hot tub? Yeah, that's why. Although I'm sure they're nice and would make great friends. But yeah, that hot tub.

We bought a new car. We didn't think our Civic could make the trip (Austin barely made it himself, so we were right to assume that), so here's our new Civic. It has 4 doors this time. And it's not red, that was Rusty's only requirement.

And our house....
We're right in the middle of suburbia. It's kind of freaking me out.

I miss...

I miss this view outside my window (minus the snow).

I miss these people. Actually, I have no idea who that girl in blue is. But we could have been best friends if I had stayed another month.

And I miss lots more people than that...

And now until I make new friends and start liking this area, I'm going to be forced into cyber bullying...or sewing. I'm not sure which is worse.

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