Monday, February 14, 2011

I Really Should Know Better by Now...

Things I shouldn't do anymore!

1. Buy houses
2. Sign year leases
3. Update my address on checks
4. Plant bulbs
5. Make friends :(

It's true. In about a month we'll be living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I pulled up a map to see how far Ohio was to some of the places on the east coast that I have wanted to visit, and my first thought was, "Where the heck is Ohio??" And yeah, I don't swear in my head, only on my blog sometimes.
Well readers, let me educate you, it's the one that looks like this:

I could give you the whole spiel about better pay, solid company, blah blah blah, but secretly in my heart of hearts, I just want to watch Glee 3 hours before any of my friends can.


Lacey said...

Woohoo!!! What an adventure! I've always wanted to move back east. It's so pretty back there. Will you do us all a favor next year? Vote republican in the presidentials. For the last million years the buckeye state has "predicted" the nation's next president. When their electoral votes come in, whether or not they're in favor of Dem or Rep, the party dominating at Ohio's polls is historically the party that wins the election. Crazy, huh?

Brits said...

We've debated living in Northern Kentucky vs. Ohio, and the only appeal to Ohio is that it's a swing state!

Candice said...

I waited too long to come visit! How the heck am I ever gonna make it to Ohio? Ohio? Seriously? I am excited for your new adventure though. I do hope I find a way to come see you!

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