Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Groundhog

I think this past January was perhaps the longest month in my entire life. Including the month before I turned 16 and the month before Austin was born (that was pretty long - Hawaii? Eight months pregnant?) This was way worse.

I thought perhaps that February would be different. But I woke up to -3 degrees this morning. There is just only so much more of this iiii I can take before I pack of my family and move to Florida. For reals...

I spent 10 minutes in my car this last weekend, trying to convince myself to walk the 100 feet into Wal mart to return my redbox movie. In retrospect, I should have just kept the movie. Because as I ran to the side door (it took about 5 seconds - new world record by the way), I saw the sign on it that said the door was locked and I had to go around. There was a huge gust of wind as I rounded the corner and I almost gave up. I almost threw myself on the floor and cried like a baby. I didn't even cry during the Titanic. I was way colder than those folks.

I've also been a little concerned about my kids. They insisted that when it hit 9 degrees today that they didn't have to wear jackets. I came this close* to yelling at them. I never yell. But my family will have higher standards than that. And they will wear jackets and sweatshirts and thermals until it is freaking 70 degrees outside. Anything less and I won't call them my children anymore.

So tomorrow Groundhog, can you just declare that it's going to be an early spring?

*Picture me squeezing one eyeball shut, sticking my tongue out, and holding two fingers up really close.Photobucket


Candice said...

What I'm hating is this FREEZING cold weather with bright, blue, sunny skies. Cruel. Hope you thaw soon!

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