Monday, January 31, 2011


If all of my family and friends didn't have my blog address, I would probably have blog posts like this:

Ashlyn yesterday after church: "Mommy! We did skits today in Primary and I was a sheep!"

And my smart alec reply was: "Ashlyn, we're sheep every Sunday."

But everyone I know already has my blog address, so please disregard that comment and pretend like I said something completely spiritual and 100% less offensive.


Becky said...

My roommate, Marenda, had her mom put their Sunday Roast into a blender with some mashed potatoes so she could suck it down. It still makes me gag thinking of it.

I could fake a doctor's letter that said you need to go on valium for another day or so. Does Rusty read your comments? I could have it in the mail tomorrow.

jon said...

I'll make a comment on this post.

Brits said...

Thanks Jon...I knew I could count on you.

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