Friday, August 20, 2010

I was Gobsmacked

Remember that song that I totally fell in love with? The one that Candi so accurately described as Beatles meet 80's rock meets Hermione. Yeah, that one.

I bought it.

And because I'm American and it was only released in the UK they were able to gouge me. And I spent $7.60 on it. Just one song. And it will probably take a month to get here. But when it gets here, and because I'm American and I believe that a song should (at most) only cost $1.29, but should really be free, I'm giving away copies of it. And because I'm not so great at math, I'll give anyone a copy of it if they want it until I make up for being gouged. But only if you come and get it. Because I don't want anyone else to be gouged. And I don't want to pay for anyone's shipping.

Oh, and because I'm American I don't know how to use the word "gobsmacked". Sorry about that England. You know what I'm not sorry about? That tea party.



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