Friday, August 27, 2010

Ashlyn Kate

So my little girl starts preschool in a couple of weeks! Most parents lament how fast their kids grow up, but you know what? I'm surprised Ashlyn is only 4. She seems older, mature, and ready for 3rd grade!

The other day she was taking a bath and started freaking out and screaming about something being scary. I thought for sure there was a bug in the tub with her. Nope, just my razor. She wouldn't go near the thing.

We had a family reunion camp out early this month in Port Orchard, WA and Ashlyn was so confused about the weather. "Mommy, why does it rain, and then stop and then rain and rain again?"

And lastly, our small little town just got its first roundabout, and she asked me, "Mommy, is roundabout Chinese for circle?" See? Ready for third grade!


Candi said...

Clearly your children are brilliant. And beautiful. And witty. And Austin is right - that IS what little boys do. Today my boys learned how to skewer grasshoppers on sticks for roasting...yum.

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