Friday, August 27, 2010

Austin Derek

Austin's favorite words are: "SUPER AWESOME RAD!"

And anytime he jumps he says, "To INFINITY, LET ME GO!" (Earlier today his cousin mistakenly called her little toy Buzz doll, Austin - or perhaps not mistakenly).

He still loves his food. The other night, I was tell him it was time to go to bed while he was apparently having a very important conversation with his daddy, he turned to me and very sternly said, "Us are talking about food now!"

Last month, when Nanee and Papa (Rusty's parents) had just come home from China, but before they left for Ukraine, they were handing out birthday presents for the year. He held onto his for a good 30 minutes, but kept asking me when his birthday was (end of September). Every 5 minutes or so he would cry out "It is taking so long for my birthday!" We let him open it early.

And lastly, a few days ago, I found him in our garage ripping apart an ant and I told him, "Austin, I don't think that ant liked being torn into lots of pieces." His response was classic, "But mommy, that's just what little boys do!"

Ashlyn Kate

So my little girl starts preschool in a couple of weeks! Most parents lament how fast their kids grow up, but you know what? I'm surprised Ashlyn is only 4. She seems older, mature, and ready for 3rd grade!

The other day she was taking a bath and started freaking out and screaming about something being scary. I thought for sure there was a bug in the tub with her. Nope, just my razor. She wouldn't go near the thing.

We had a family reunion camp out early this month in Port Orchard, WA and Ashlyn was so confused about the weather. "Mommy, why does it rain, and then stop and then rain and rain again?"

And lastly, our small little town just got its first roundabout, and she asked me, "Mommy, is roundabout Chinese for circle?" See? Ready for third grade!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Because I'm a Pro Now

I already know the best way to potty train a kid.

Big huge TV (seriously - we only went to the store to return a Redbox, not sure how we came out with that thing). Give your child an endless supply of chocolate milk and take a nap on the couch.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

I was Gobsmacked

Remember that song that I totally fell in love with? The one that Candi so accurately described as Beatles meet 80's rock meets Hermione. Yeah, that one.

I bought it.

And because I'm American and it was only released in the UK they were able to gouge me. And I spent $7.60 on it. Just one song. And it will probably take a month to get here. But when it gets here, and because I'm American and I believe that a song should (at most) only cost $1.29, but should really be free, I'm giving away copies of it. And because I'm not so great at math, I'll give anyone a copy of it if they want it until I make up for being gouged. But only if you come and get it. Because I don't want anyone else to be gouged. And I don't want to pay for anyone's shipping.

Oh, and because I'm American I don't know how to use the word "gobsmacked". Sorry about that England. You know what I'm not sorry about? That tea party.



When you write "kinda" in your college paper, it "kinda" makes me want to give you a zero on the entire assignment.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You Know What?

I thought I'd come back from my seven mile run tonight noticeably skinnier. But my shorts still fit me the same.

What's up with that?
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