Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ten Year Class Reunion Recap

So I'm glad I went. It was a lot of fun, just like high school was. And everyone was pretty much the same, including that one chic that used to pretend she had an English accent. Yeah, she still has it.

Also, I tried to sit with the popular kids at dinner, but failed miserably at that and sat at the mormon table. Just like high school.

And then Nicole and I made fun of *her* all night. Just like high school.

Also, that popular football player talked to me. NOT like high school at all. He even maybe possibly glanced at my boob once, granted that's where my name tag was. But still.

Also, people were much nicer than I remember. I think it had something to do with the open bar. Conclusion: I think there should be an open bar in all cafeterias. I think everyone's high school experiences would be more memorable.

Or maybe they were all nicer because we've all grown up and gotten married so we've stopped making out with each other's boyfriends. Yeah, that's probably it.

The only thing I was a little disappointed about was that during dinner Genie in a Bottle never played. But then I heard it the next day at the gym, got a little teary eyed, and called it good.

See ya' in 10 class of 2000! (And when I say 10 I mean in another 10 pounds).


Misty said...

i'm glad you came!

was there a popular table? I think it would've been nice to just SIT...anywhere! =)

you crack me up!

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