Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Google vs. Bing: Part II b

I didn't want people to get upset with my political one-sidedness, so I'm back again tonight being all "nonpartisan". And when I say nonpartisan, I mean I am strictly Libertarian. We're leaving Ron Paul out of these search engine wars.

Bing: George Bush is the devil.
Google: George Bush is a lizard.

Frankly in my eyes, both these presidents lose. Google clearly wins this one though.

Google -2 Bing - 1


Anonymous said...

I LOVE GOOGLE!! I google EVERYTHING! FYI (I dont know if I told you this) but you should type in (GOoogle) "where is Chuck Norris"... Then click I'm feeling lucky. LOL


Anonymous said...

Also if you google "Bing Vs google" the first web page has a split screen you type in anything and bing pops up on the left and google on the right.

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