Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Open Letter to Potential Tenants

Dear Potential Renter,

When you ask questions like, "Will you put grass in the backyard?" We may stumble around a bit and mumble incoherently because the last time we checked, there was grass in the backyard.

Another example of when we may come across as less than articulate is when you ask if "all that permanent marker on the walls is going to come off?" We're not mumbling swear words at you, I promise!

Also, we understand that your credit score is less than perfect. However, if you owe your current landlord $9000 there's no chance in hell we're renting to you. Enough with the harrassing emails, those don't help your case either.



Jeanne Stricklin said...

Okay...did you have bad tenants? Or were you just having a little fun?

Candice said...

Amen! Some tenants just don't care about ruining someone else's HOME.....ugh! You should add pictures to your contract and say "This is what the house looks like as you move better look like this when you move out!"

Kate said...

Oh my gosh! Renters are horrible! Except for me. I'm a high-end renter.

Meg said...

Oh my word Brittany! That's insane! I'm sorry... that sucks.

Ginger said...

this makes me very angry.

people swear by that Mr. Clean "magic eraser" stuff. I've personally never tried it, and it probably won't grow your grass back, but it's worth a try with the marker.

Misty said...

yikes. that's not cool!

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