Sunday, October 25, 2009

Because Well, It's Tradition Now

The last two years, I've blogged about the Boise State - University of Hawaii football game. Two years ago, because we lived across the street from the Aloha Stadium and reveled in their win. One year ago, because we had moved to Boise and reveled in burning the BSU shirt I had to buy for work.

But this year was horrifying. My BSU fan friends are so embarassed for me that they're not even making fun of me. Where's the love?

I don't blame you though, with a loss that drastic if I hadn't have thrown away my UH shirt after last week's loss to Idaho, I would've roasted some marshmellows over it myself...

*Insert casual joke about why I obviously can't burn my UH sweatshirt because I'll need all the sweatshirts I can get this winter.


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