Monday, August 31, 2009

Worlds Colliding

I love Seinfeld. I think he would have a hay day with Facebook.

See that's the problem with Facebook...your worlds collide. It's kind of like how it was at your wedding, but every day. You've got your family, your work friends, your school friends, your church friends, your weird internet friends that you don't want anybody to know about...and they all come together into one place. The trick is to find a middle ground among status updates to appeal to all of them. It's impossible. So do you congratulate Luke and Amy on their non-engagement and risk alienating your school friends that you're still trying to impress even though high school was over 10 years ago? Or do you talk about your wonderful Sunday school lesson and confuse your NOM friends. And how in the world do you let your current mom friends tag "fat" pictures of yourself when you're friends with ex-boyfriends and their wives??

And let's be honest, it's a little awkward when someone calls me "Teni" (think Ten-ee the latter half of Brit-tany) on facebook. 'Cuz come on, that was only my fake name for two years. And what if I wanted another fake name in my life? It'd be almost impossible.

Facebook is killing independent Brittany.



kate n. said...

Wow. And I almost started a facebook account. Now I just can't. Farewell, Independent Brittany.

Michelle Claire said...

I totally agree with that. :)

Kristin LaFontaine said...

Bwahahahahaha!!!! It's SO SO true. I'm always having to consider how to word my comments and status updates.

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