Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Town Rundown

My MIL requested a rundown of what we've been up to. So here it is:

Day 1: Garage shelves. Notice all that canned food? Yeah, back to renting means back to little kitchens with 2 1/2 cupboards.

Day 2: Installing the peephole. We've been paycheck-less for so long that we both had to stare at the Home Depot peephole price for a good 5 minutes. $10.97. Then I reminded Rusty of how many home teaching visits we could avoid if we had one. That did the trick.

Weekend 1: Lots of hiking!

Weekend 2: House hunting. This was the only house in our price range (which has been grossly scewed because of the current Boise market). It was a dump. However, I wouldn't mind spending $170K on that tree in front of the house.

And on that rickety old fence that I totally fell in love with.

And the tire swing.
Day 15: PAYDAY!! KA-CHING! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The kids are adjusting well. They love the rain and the chilly mornings and evenings.

They both love our window sills.

And of course...the beach!



Rustin said...

It's nice to have a beach again.

Rachel said...

I wish I could transport you here every time I want to take a picture of my kids. Your pictures are SO GOOD! I would fall in love with that house, too, dump or not.

Heather H said...

They are so cute!!

Cole said...

It SO worth the tree!

Linda Terry said...

you buy a house like that and you'll not only get home teachers and their kids visiting but yours will be the designated yard for ward parties.

Tory said...

I miss you and I want to come visit! Love the pictures!

Alesha Evans said...

hey! do you live in the vicinity of Washington or some far away place that I could never visit you since I am now back in Washington????

Merri Ann said...

But you two are very talented anad the house wouldn't stay looking like a dump. I like what I see in the pictures.

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