Friday, July 3, 2009

Honda vs. Ford: The Ultimate Showdown

Two cars. One showdown.

Year: 1994
Color: Red
Miles: 231,000

History: Originally driven by the tobacco-chewing (yes we found her spit can under the seat) child star of Problem Child 2, Ivyann Schwan. Purchased by us four years ago, it has moved 7 times with us and traversed the Pacific Ocean twice. It survived two attempts at its life. One by Rusty when he rear ended me and one by LaRene when she backed into me.

Year: 1994
Color: Red
Miles: 79,000

History: Originally driven by a sweet old lady, this car didn't leave McCammon, ID until a year ago.

And the winner is...


Did you really think it would be a Ford?



The Gollihurs said...

HAHA! The girl that plays in Problem Child 2 was a patient of Dr. Naumann's. She was such a BIOTCH! She was yelling at her Mom and telling her to shut up and she said,"Who bought the car your driving Mom?!" Us dental assistance were like WHAT?!!

Betsy said...

I had faith in the Honda the whole time.

GRaSSE said...


Brits said...

I wondered who would be the first to notice that GRaSSE!

Cole said...

Do you remember the "Shaggin' Wagon"? Yes, it was a ford and yes, it died a poor, pathetic death.

I'd call it a looser car, but then there were all those hotties we found while cruzing in it.

Amanda said...

Yeah, that child star lived in Bainbridge island and maybe still does. I remember when Parenthood came out and she was in it and it was all over the papers here. Too bad she turned out so bratty and tobacco-ee.

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