Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maybe Austin Will Finish for Me?

Just wishful thinking...I haven't been that motivated to finish my paintings.  Austin sneaked into my "project closet" and stole some painting stuff and tried to finish painting Ashlyn's walls.  Luckily, the actual paints were much too high for him.

I still thought it was cute that he tried.  The "copy-everything-mommy-does" stage is my favorite by far!

So this is as far as the castle might go.  I'm waiting to hear if we'll be moving away before I finish it.  Next time, I'm sticking to canvas.



Misty said...

holy cow that's amazing!

Cole said...

yeah, you can move in with me for a while. Your rent, painting. It's that easy, I'll even buy the paint until Rusty finds a job.

Candice said...

Love the castle! That does it. You CANNOT move!

Rachel said...

How many talents can one person have, Brit? What else are you hiding?

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