Thursday, January 22, 2009

"We Have to Go Back to the Island."

That's what Rusty kept whispering to me last night. Good thing we already went back to the island for grad school. I figure I'm safe as long as the Losties don't go back a third time.

Who in the world taught Ashlyn to write with permanent marker on herself??

I hope you all ate pretend peanut butter and fish biscuits for dinner last night, too. Don't worry, they were just fish-shaped cookies. I thought about making them sugar free (so Candice and I could have actually eaten them), but I didn't want them to actually taste like fish!


Stefanie said...

Nice! I wish we lived closer and could have LOST parties together. No one here seems to know what LOST is so we've been slowly converting everyone to it by leaning out all 4 of our LOST DVDs. Then when they've watch them all in less than a months time and want more the have to suffer and watch it week by week with us.

Tory said...

You are soo creative! I wish I watched Lost!

Kate said...

Why are you guys so cool? It's starting to piss me off.

Candice said...

If you go back, TAKE ME WITH YOU!

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