Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seven Schmeven Tag

I was tagged.  

OK, so I wasn't technically tagged.  I think I've instilled the fear of God into anyone that dares tag me.  But I saw this one, and thought I'd do it regardless of not being tagged.

Seven random things about me.

1.  I'd do anything for a T shirt.  Run a 10K?  Sure!  But only if there's a T shirt involved.  

2.  I'm directionally challenged.  North?  East?  South?  I have no idea.  Go West on Fairview Avenue.  Huh?  Is that left or right?  I do know what direction New York is from me, but I'll admit that I have to run through in my mind, "Never Eat Shredded Wheat" while discreetly pointing out the directions with my finger.  Ah!  East!

3.  I have a really bizarre memory.  I can't remember books or movies, but I can remember something you said 7 years ago.  Don't try to lie to me.  

4.  I thrive when I have too much to do!  I used to drive my brothers crazy when I'd be reading a book while watching TV.  The hardest part about going to church is just having to sit there.  That's why I still bite my nails.  Although I've tried (somewhat successfully) to kick that habit by doing other things.  I used to draw caricatures of my teachers, but I don't think that as a twenty-seven-year-old it's as cute as when I was ten.

5.  My ideal weight?  165 lbs.  Yes, I'm aware that you weighed 20 lbs. less when you were nine months pregnant, but according to my personal trainer, it would be unhealthy for me to weigh any less.  

6.  I've received a death threat.  Although not specifically addressed to me, I was carbon copied and was certainly included in on the threats.

7.  I want to learn to speak French.  I'm fascinated with languages.  I took German in high school because I felt like I needed to learn that language.  I thought I had to learn it for a mission or something (maybe that would have been the case if I hadn't have gotten married two weeks after turning 21), but I've always wanted to learn French!  It's a beautiful language.     


The Gollihurs said...

Brit, I bite my nails too. I want to stop! My nails look like TOENAILS instead of fingernails! I don't know what to do!! AHH!

The Soptich clan said...

It really is all about the free t-shirts! That's why I joined a million clubs at BYUH, they involved free shirts (I even joined the spirit club twice so I could get two shirts.)
And pray tell about the death threat, that is nuts!

Alesha Evans said...

About French, good luck. I am trying to learn in a country where most people speak it in the cities and it is very difficult with its pronunciation and a lot of verbs. Have is used as is. I have a lot of students say "I have 20 years old". Or they also say, "I had my breakfast". A lot of french words have their possisive marks but since we don't like to be redundant in English we don't say it. But it has helped me help be a better teacher here. But you and most english speakers already know about 30% of French since a lot of our words are shared with French. But French is easier than Arabic but not as easy as German. Bonne chance!

Candice said...

Add that to the list...165 here too! Height baby, height!

French is beautiful. I taughtFrench in a community ed class once. I don't think you learn much trying it only 2 days a week for an hour. They mostly sat around and laughed at each other. You should move to Nice instead of Seattle! That'll do it...right on the sea.

Tiffany said...

I have the French CD's!! And I can Also read and watch Tv.

Rustin said...

Why did I only know 6 of the 7 things about you?

Kate said...

Well, we have number 5 in common. Sorry about that death threat.

Merri Ann said...

I had someone threaten me when I was a telephone operator. I want to learn French, Italian, Hebrew and Irish and Scottish Gaelic. I have Tiffanys french cds.

Merri Ann said...

I had someone threaten me when I was a telephone operator. I want to learn French, Italian, Hebrew and Irish and Scottish Gaelic. I have Tiffanys french cds.

Brits said...

Calley - I'll have to comment on your blog about the death threat sometime...I don't like to bring up particular people on my blog because then they feel the need to comment. And sometimes the language isn't that great. :)

Candice - We'll have to trade French lessons for piano lessons.

Rust - It's the weight thing huh? We don't talk numbers ever. EVER!

Stefanie said...

I totally agree with the directional thing. You stink, and I mean that in the most loving way. Remember when we went to EFY together. For some reason during an activity we needed to go back to the dorms to get something and on the way back to the activity one of the counselors picked us up and dropped us right in front of the building we were suppose to be at and yet some how you looked at the map and said it’s this way and we started walking away from the building across the parking lot towards the mountains where there were no buildings and I followed you! HAHAHAHA! I learned my lesson after that not to trust your directional skills.

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