Monday, December 15, 2008

A Typical Day

So everyone knows the random things that happen to us and the random thoughts I have.  But I don't think anyone knows what a typical day in our household is like.  What better way to share that than through a series of Facebook status updates?

7:45 AM: Brittany really hates the sound of her alarm clock.

7:54 AM: Brittany really hates the sound of her alarm clock.

8:03 AM: Brittany is forced out of bed because the snooze option has been disabled by a husband who hates the sound of her alarm clock more than she does.

9:00 AM: Brittany has successfully changed, dressed and fed 2 kids in 45 minutes, and is ready for work!

9:59 AM: Brittany is listening to 35 kids scream and fight, but is happy that none of them are hers.

10:47 AM: Brittany has just pulled Austin out of the play structure for the 5th time today.

12:57 PM: Brittany wonders if it's illegal to flip off a police officer.  

2:11 PM: Brittany has discovered the secret to "O Beans".  Tape up all your fingers so you don't get string burn.  

2:45 PM: Brittany didn't even come close to beating Jody at "O Beans".  She must have a better secret than I do.

2:58 PM: Brittany thinks that the 2 inches she's lost around her waist recently is because she laughs so much with those girls...

3:41 PM: Brittany 's kids are sleeping, the house is clean, dinner is cooking, so she's just staring at the ceiling.

4:15 PM: Brittany studiert Deutsches ein wenig, während sie einige Freizeit hat.  (That was for Katy!  The only other person in the whole world that speaks German.)

6:28PM: Brittany wonders if any of the food she feeds her kids ends up in their stomachs, or just on the floor??

7:07 PM: Brittany doesn't know what to do now that's it so cold outside!

7:14 PM: Brittany thinks our next house needs to have vaulted ceilings so we can play volleyball inside better.

8:07 PM: Brittany just had the stressful job of putting the kids to bed and needs to laugh.  So she reads Kate's "Boo to snow and to Phil" comment for the 14th time.

9:37 PM: Brittany's bath tub has excellent accoustics.

10:08 PM: Brittany is (take your pick) reading / watching a movie / playing on the computer.  

12:01 AM: Brittany can see Rusty glaring at her as she sets her alarm clock.



Misty said...

i wish you lived closer. you make me laugh!

Linda Terry said...

brit, i just got back from visiting teaching amanda and her twenty orphaned babies (most under the age of two)who all call her "mama". she's never set an alarm clock (because the sickest babies sleep in her room with her). your day sounds very peaceful. mine is even more-so, now that most of my babies are being fed and cared for by sweethearts like you.

Kate said...

Do you think you could spike a volleyball all the way to Salt Lake? I need some practice so I can give the Samoan guys a "take that suckas."

Candice said...

Did you get pulled over? I really missed girls game day! We had a RS project to finish. Maybe I'll sneak back in next week. Did you really tape your fingers? Did it work?

Brittney said...

I should be studying German in my free time :P

The Randall Family said...

LOL! Boo to Phil.... Ahhhhh... good times. : )

Alesha Evans said...

heeeeey Brit...I lived in Germany for a year and took darn intensive classes....

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