Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pictures of Christmas Past, Present...and Future?

Christmas 2004.  With friends barbecuing at Hukilau Beach, we spent the day bodyboarding.  

Christmas 2005.  One-month-old Ashlyn got to play Jesus and dress up as Santa at the same time.

Christmas 2006.  A big wind storm knocked out power for a few days.  Everyone ran for their laptops as soon as it came back on.  

Christmas 2008:  

What better way to eat a roll than by dunking it in the egg nog?

Making cookies for Santa Claus.  I will admit that Ashlyn was much more excited Christmas morning that Santa had eaten them all than about the presents under the tree.

Austin playing with his favorite toy.  A tooth brush.

Ashlyn digging in her stocking.

The Kids.

Christmas 2020:

I figured you were all tired of my photoshop antics, so maybe I'll save the floating family picture for next year...


kate nelson said...

So Rust, were your cookies totally yummy?
I have a candle that smells like sugar cookies and I don't think I will burn it any more since everyone keeps asking me "Where are the cookies?" when they walk in the door. I think I better go make some cookies...

The Soptich clan said...

Yes I decided to stalk your blog (*embarrassed blush*). Your kids are so dang cute! And ow, my heart, I miss Hawaii...

Marla said...

Brits they are getting so big!! Love the Christmas past pictures also!

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