Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Letter from My Mother-In-Law

I don't know how many of you know this, but my mother-in-law and my father-in-law are serving a mission in China right now.  It's obviously not a proselyting mission, but one where they teach English at a Chinese University.  Here is their blog if you're interested in seeing what they're doing.

Here's a letter that I got recently about Amanda (a lady in their branch that runs an orphanage): 

Dear daughters and daughters-in-law,
Last week when i was visiting teaching at amanda's, (both my companion and i were jiggling babies on each hip while there) i asked her what her needs are, explaining that i was going to the states and could bring some things back that she couldn't get here. in spite of chinese favoring boys, she has a lot of boy babies.  they all have medical problems, so that's why they're abandoned.  so she could use boy clothes, sizes newborn to size 3.  if your ward's like mine was, there are a lot of baby clothes given away that are still in good shape.  could you keep your ears and eyes open among the moms in your ward?  when we return for our january/february trip, my plan is that we'll bring three empty suitcases that we hope to fill with some things we can't get here as well as some for amanda.  (dad thinks he may have found a source for bran here, so if that proves to be true, that will free up the one entire suitcase he was going to fill with bran.)
Amanda can't get preemie disposable diapers here and so often the babies she gets drown in the smaller size available. so if anyone asks you what other things she could use, that's an idea.  also, she goes through a lot of expectorent, an over-the-counter brand called Mucinex and she can only get that in the states.  Johnson and Johnson baby lotion is a luxery.  She loves the smell of her babies when rubbed with it, but can't get it here.
Winter coats up to size 3 are also in need.  Every morning the babies are taken out in shifts in strollers (have you ever seen a 4-seater stroller?)  by volunteers and it's cold now.  Some of them are only layered in sweaters and light jackets.
I don't intend for any of you to buy anything for amanda's babies.  just possibly get the word out if there're moms getting rid of nice baby clothes (especially boys) that you'd like them. 
   Thanks for any help you can give it communicating the need.
   love,  mom/linda                  

Here are Amanda's blogs:

It's really heart breaking to think of these poor abandoned babies!  So any help that anyone can give would be great!  My MIL is coming late January/early February to visit.  So if anyone has anything for the babies, that would be wonderful!


Linda Terry said...

thanks for passing on the news, brit. sunday in relief society (there were only four of us; two were sick and the other sister was teaching our branch's one primary child) we were asked to share a memorable christmas. amanda (who runs the orphanage of 20 babies, most of them under age two) has never married, comes from a dysfunctional home herself where she would be alone every christmas in the boarding school she was sent to (because her stepfather didn't like children). so this christmas i'm hoping to gather a few byu teachers who won't be teaching classes that day, and go to amanda's to sing her carols and take her some gifts (for HER, not the babies). of course will play with babies too.

The Gollihurs said...

Are you guys coming to WA for Christmas?

Rick & Liz said...

I wish Rick and I could adopt those little ones! :( I'll see what I can do in our ward. Maybe I could mail a package to Boise? Is that where they will be brits?

Brits said...

Yup, they'll be coming here to Boise.

Carol - We won't be in WA for a long long long long time. :(

Linda Terry said...

i think these photos taken at amanda's orphanage one sunday when we were there with the kimballs show more of the set-up amanda has than even amanda's blog.


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