Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Confession Time

Dear Mom,
Remember how you always lost your shoes?  You'd get so desperate to find them, that you'd offer us $1 to whoever found them first.  Well, you didn't always lose your shoes. Most of the time, we were hiding them from you so we could earn a buck.  Easy allowance.

Dear Annie,
I remember when I went to visit you and you gave your son a bottle that had been sitting out for an hour  I was horrified.  And then I had kids.  I'm not horrified anymore.  :)

Dear Volleyball Girls,
I never know the score.  I make it up whenever someone asks me what it is.


Candice said...

Everything makes sense now! So you're saying I'm not as "keeping score" challenged as I thought?

GRaSSE said...

Can we have a confession Wednesday? They're my favorite.

Brits said...

Oh not at all Candice! Jody's the only one that's not score challenged. I don't know how she does it.

Ginger - we can't have Confession Wednesday because it doesn't alliterate.

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