Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

What better way to recap the weekend than by sharing random pictures and random quotes?
Luke and Jon (brother-in-laws) and Rachel (niece) skyping with Nanee and Papa.

"Other than boogers, what did you eat for dinner Ashlyn?" [Papa via Skype] Nicholas, Steven, Zachary, Brandon (nephews) and Megan (niece) playing Nintendo.

"Let's put the kids to bed so we can listen to swear words all night." -LaRene [prophetically referring to the movie we were all about to watch].
Jon taking on the little ones. Their combined ages are 7 Jon, did you have to be so aggressive?

"I want to be the favorite Uncle. Austin, you want some sugar?" -Mike

Kent (brother-in-law) and Kevin (brother-in-law once removed) cleaning the kitchen. And yeah, I did make up Kevin's relationship to me. Really he's my brother-in-law's brother .

"I think there are probably rocks in it." -Ashlyn [referring to LaRene's crunchy peanut butter in her sandwich].

This is what Austin did all weekend.

"I'm just so tired of poop." -Rusty [appropriately quoted under a picture of Austin]

Naomi (niece) and Ashlyn looking terrified of Jon.

"Jon, is that the third day in a row that you've worn that shirt?" OK, no one said this, but we all thought it.

"If your self-esteem needs boosting. You can always play me ping pong." -Brittany [Oh how true that is!]

"Choosing your favorite pie is like having to choose your favorite apostle." -Luke

We're all still waiting to hear which apostle is the pumpkin pie Luke!



Rustin said...

Brit, you forget to mention LaRene's amazing win at Greed and Ashlyn's quote, "I can't pee on people."

GRaSSE said...

HAHAHA!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for making me feel like I was there. Those quotes are very Terriest.

GRaSSE said...

So, in comparison to the family reunion, was Rene's house the party house and your house the condo? If somebody wanted their sanity, they took a break at your house?

Misty said...

looks like you guys had tons of fun! If you guys are in town, we may try to make a stop at your house to and from UT this Christmas!

Brits said...

Ging - Yeah, our house was the condo. I think I'm the only one that took full advantage.

Misty - Heck yeah come!! We'll definitely be here!

Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! Cain't hardly wait for the summer reunion!

Brits said...

Rachel - I'm sorry we missed blowing up the turkey carcass. You used dynamite, right?? That is an excellent tradition that we'll have to start. :D

John McCain't said...

You have a singular wit. I could have used your help a couple months ago in my exciting town hall meetings.

larenea said...

cute Brit! thanks for the laugh. man, I am enjoying my quiet house now.

Linda Terry said...

oh brit, you made me homesick for the family with your quotes and pictures. you are so funny. larene, i bet your quiet house doesn't hold a candle to our quiet house, but your quiet thunders louder i suppose, because of the contrast of a few days ago. you should have joined brit in seclusion at their "condo". let someone else do the cooking. i'm so glad so many of you could get together.

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