Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sugar High

We had a constipated angel and a devil for Halloween. I put together the costumes, Ashlyn did the constipation all by herself. She spent most of the day coloring on the toilet. Austin just popped out four teeth on top, so I thought the devil costume was appropriate.

We went to LaRene's for Halloween again. So here's the cousin picture. Rachel was downstairs trying to make her hair spikey, so she missed out on it. Steven and Brandon are too cool to dress up, so they missed out, too.

I didn't go with the classic formula this year, so I had a hard time picking out an outfit.  You know, the formula where if you're between 0 and 6, you're a princess. If you're 7-14, you're Hannah Montana.  And if you're older than 14, you're a prostitute in varying themes (skanky pirate, skanky witch, skanky pumpkin, skanky angel, etc).

That's what Halloween is all about, right? Not counting calories and forgoing all values so you can look like a prostitute once a year without really being one...right? Or is there a different message to Halloween that I'm completely missing?

Here are my kids.
And the cousins! Guess which one is two years older?



Misty said...

very cute! so - were you a prostitute of sorts last night then?

Brits said...

I guess I should've explained more. Nope, I ended up as a witch. A very modest witch.

Heather H said...

Very cute costumes! Ashlyn is getting so big, try Miralax if the constipation keeps up we had issues with Olivia and that is what the doctor prescribed for her (but now its an over-the-counter item).

Kate said...

I was just a skanky mom. It's my everyday look so nothing special.

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