Friday, November 21, 2008

The Stephenie Meyer Plague

Moms can't get the flu. They just can't. So instead, I'm calling it the Stephenie Meyer Plague. I don't know what's going on with me, but I just can't sleep. I haven't been able to all week. Last night I only got three hours, tonight it might only be an hour and a half. I figure there's one of three things going on with me.

1. My body is prepping and saving itself for the best sleep of its life. As soon as the show starts tomorrow night (9:30), I'll be out. LaRene don't try and wake me!

2. My body knows that I really don't want to go. So it's going to spend the day tomorrow throwing up, so that I have an excellent reason to miss out.


3. I am subconsciously SO excited about watching Twilight tomorrow that I toss and turn like a little girl waiting for Santa Claus. I'm not sure what would explain the chills though...maybe I'm trying to will my body's temperature to one of a vampire.

Yes, that's the most likely I think.

Vampires don't sleep, right?



Tory said...

It is totally #3! I always thought that you secretly loved it all. And it is great that you can finally admit it! :) I am excited too, only I have to wait an extra day. (When we went to buy tickets, Friday night was sold out, we waited too long. Plus most of us could only go on Saturday.)

Betsy said...

For someone who doesn't like Twilight, you sure do talk a lot about it.

Meg said...

I was going to play a joke on you and photoshop a picture of your face onto some teenage girl at Twilight last night and put it on my blog, but I couldn't do it, I don't have photoshop ;(. Don't worry, it's not too bad!

GRaSSE said...

you are totally an closet Twilight Fanatic!!! Haha.

Well the midnight showing was so much fun!! But to warn you, the movie was good because you got to relive the books, not because of the movie. If that makes sense. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Alesha Evans said...

uhhh maybe I am stupid and out to date, but what is Twilight? Usually we get about anything and everything in Morocco, but this I dont know about?

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